Incursion by Morley Swords 23 May 19

Morley sent in two brigades one of foil and one of épée to battle with Blackheath. Morley’s Liva, Holly and Simon were met by Amanda, Rob and Cadet Sandesh in a close battle of the foils. Blackheath surged ahead but was caught up by Morley by the 4th bout. The heavy brigade took Blackheath back into a lead that was slowly whittled away leaving Blackheath floundering for a while until a final heavy assault brought Blackheath victory by one point 34/42 after running out of time.

Morley’s Épée brigade of Jade, Tom, Gareth with Derek in reserve then came face to face with Blackheath’s Henry, James and Mael with Gurlal in reserve. Blackheath’s heavy brigade led the way from the start at one stage being 12 points ahead. Whilst the Blackheath reserve extended their lead, Morleys’ reserve was held in check but Morley recovered a little towards the end to leave Blackheath with a 45/35 victory.

With the conclusion of this successful series of inter club competitions there is enthusiasm to establish a three way triangle competition next season that might bring Morley face to face with Gravesham for the first time.