A posh word for how the club is run. Not the most exciting subject but vitally important to ensure:

  • everyone is fencing in a safe environment
  • the hall is hired and coaches appointed at rates we can afford and meets our requirements
  • coaches are in place, deployed effectively and paid
  • competitions organised
  • equipment working and safe
  • social events organised and
  • that we don’t go broke!

There are three key elements.

  1. ClubMark* (see below)- Standards jointly defined by Sport England and British Fencing as to how the club is run and, in particular, how the welfare and protection of young people is managed. More on the Parents page
  2. Blackheath Fencing Club Constitution 2020 – ‘The Rules’. It implements the ClubMark* standards and sets out other rules for managing the club. Changes have to be agreed by the club in a General Meeting. The usual one is the Annual General Meeting which is held in February of each year.
  3. The Managing Committee (the MC) – elected at the AGM to run the club. Within this document is the summary of committee roles.

The Club Officers, who have legal responsibility for the club are the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Coaches also have legal obligations

*ClubMark was a nationally recognised accreditation ie like being a chartered accountant or surveyor or other professional person. It has been discontinued by Sport England but will be replaced by an alternative system. In the meantime Clubs are required to comply with the Welfare Guidelines for Clubs but are also maintaining the Clubmark documentation as good practice.

It is a large but important body of documentation. The MC have been working to implement it’s requirements. It reassures parents and grant providers that clubs are run to certain standards.

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