Blackheath forays into western lands and meets two rivals

Our Summer 2019 battle campaign continued when we ventured into the murky underbelly of central London on 2nd August for our first 3 club friendly team competition with hosts Morley blades and our distant cousins from Staines  a.k.a. Egham Fencing club. 

All participants fielded one foil and one epee team, unfortunately for us we were lacking one epeeist but fortunately we were able to ‘’convince’’ the foilists to take turns masquerading as an epee team member. This however raised some eyebrows when some of them appeared to be hiding hidden talents. Naturally they will be the first to call upon if ever there were another epee drought!

Morley Blades were kind enough to book 4 hours for our little Tri-wizard.. -fencing*- competition and suffice to say everyone enjoyed themselves. Big thank you to them for getting this organised so well! We got to meet and fence new and experienced fencers in a great venue slap bang in the middle of town and spent an hour reminiscing bouts over a beverage and dinner.  

Remi, Khurshid and Dan made up the foil team and produced an impressive display romping to victory in the Foil match. Gurlal and Henry were our only epeeists who could make the event and were teamed up with Khurshid and Dan. The epee team worked very hard but were narrowly ousted by the competing teams with both matches ending in nail biting final bouts. Results below!

That’s all for this season’s campaign! We’ll see you in September for the new term!

For more information on Morley Blades and Egham fencing club follow the links below.