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Existing members. Please note that the eCommerce site has gone and fees are now paid through a simpler set of Pay Now buttons.

All Membership fees are for one term, which is between 11 and 13 weeks, except adult training courses which can also be for half a term, ie 5-7 weeks.

You can pay your fees online by GoCardless, Paypal, Credit and Debit Cards and also by traditional Cheque or cash.

We prefer an electronic payment method if possible and GoCardLess is preferred as the fees paid by the club are much lower!


If you are a new member or trainee, please register as a Member BEFORE paying any fees

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Adult Training Courses

Ages 16+

Adult Training Class

Adult Membership

For ages 16 to 60+A coaching session under way


For ages 9 to 16

A coach giving a one to one lesson


Fencing Kit and Merchandise

(for Club Members)