The Club Shop

General Notes about online payment

Please note that the Club Shop has been rebuilt around the Stripe Payment Gateway, as used by British Fencing and other major companies.

Paypal and GoCardless will no longer be used and neither will Cash or Cheques be accepted from now on. This is to avoid handling notes and coin, reduce onsite admin, and unnecessary visits to the bank, to protect our volunteer members.

Stripe can accept all standard credit and debit cards, Gpay and Applepay. Some cards will require ‘3D’ verification using SMS or will require a Postcode to be entered, whatever is required by your card provider.

Due to the uncertain changes wrought by Covid some fees will not become available to pay until those sessions restart

New fees agreed at the 2020 AGM have been applied

If you are a new member or adult trainee, please make sure you have registered as a Member before paying any fees. It creates an account to keep track of your payment!

Once registered you can close the tab to return here

Membership and Adult Training fees are for one term, the length of which varies between 10 and 13 weeks according to the school’s academic calendar. The exception are the Adult Monday Sessions which are payable each week in advance

Adult Training Courses
(Not available at present)

Adult Training Class

Musketeers and Cadets
(Not available at present)

A coach giving a one to one lesson

About Age Ranges

We do not take children under 9 years old because equipment rules change at age 10 and we have insufficient storage space for it.

Young people of age 16-18 join as Cadets in the Adult Club but pay Junior (Musketeer) rates

Armoury Services

Servicing, Repairs, Upgrades, Rewires and Advice from a member of the Guild of Armourers

This service is provided on a private basis starting at £free

Whilst DIY is good there are some expensive mistakes easily made! Advice is free.