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The Club will be closed on 17th, 19th, 24th and 26th May. The hall will be an A Level exam centre

Although still awaiting confirmation, there should be 7 more sessions (10 in total) from 31st May (half term) to 14th July. No fencing Thursday 2nd June, Jubilee holiday. Thursday adults can fence Tuesday 31st.

Adult Members’ fees remain unchanged but paying one amount reduces our bank charges if you can manage it.

The Autumn term will be 13 or 14 weeks with no change in fees planned at this time. Dates TBC

General Notes about online payment of Fees

The Club uses the Stripe Payment Gateway, as used by major companies and British Fencing. This gives us greater flexibility behind the scenes and lower bank fees.

We no longer accept Cash or Cheques to avoid handling notes and coin, to reduce onsite admin and avoid unnecessary visits to the bank to protect our volunteers.

Stripe can accept all standard credit and debit cards, GPay and ApplePay. Some cards require ‘3D’ verification using SMS or a Postcode, as required by your card provider.

New members or adult trainees. Make sure you have registered as a Member before paying fees. We must have up to date contact details and it creates an account to keep track of your payment!

Once registered you can close the tab to return here

Guidance on attending the Club

Fencing is a very safe sport and is regulated by the national governing body, British Fencing (BF). To meet their insurance and child protection requirements all fencers have to comply with the following

  • You must be a member of British Fencing. We suggest the free 90 day Introductory Membership, followed by the Starter or Recreational categories. Non-fencers may also take out a Supporter Membership for £10pa
  • You must be a registered member of Blackheath Fencing Club with up to date contact details
  • Whilst there are no specific Covid prevention requirements, we prefer that you do not attend the club if you have any cold, flu or Covid symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with those symptoms. Please wait one complete week after symptoms have gone.
  • At Blackheath School, enter through the main entrance on Vanbrugh Park
  • Parents of children should collect them in the school car park to avoid crowding on the stairs
  • Adults should avoid being in the hall while children are present
  • Wearing a medical face mask in the hall between fencing bouts is optional
  • Please pay fees as early as possible in the term and Guest fees on the day
  • Join the relevant WhatsApp group (see the payment page) or send SMS to 07887 821443 with your full name. This is our main form of communication of any last minute changes to the fencing sessions.
  • After all that, Welcome to the club and have some great fencing!

Adult Training Course Fees

For Beginners Aged 16+

Also Taster Session and
Refreshers for Experienced Fencers

9 weeks group training. 3 weeks fencing in September 22

Adult Training Class

Adult Member Fees

Members Aged 18 – 60+
Guests + Coaching

The Summer Term dates 26th April to 10th May then 31st May to 14th July (TBC)

A coaching session under way

Musketeers and Cadets Fees

Ages 9 – 17
From Beginners to

26th April to 10th May then 31st May to 14th July. (TBC)

A coach giving a one to one lesson

About Age Ranges

We cannot take children under 9 years old because equipment rules change at age 10 and we have insufficient storage space for it.

Young people of age 16-17 join as Cadets in the Adult Club but pay Junior (Musketeer) rates.

Armoury Services

Servicing, Repairs, Upgrades, Rewires and Advice from a member of the Guild of Armourers

This service is provided on a private basis starting at £free

Whilst DIY is good there are some expensive mistakes easily made! Advice is free