Your Fencing Diary

(Please note this is a new page under development with help from our younger fencers)

This can help you develop your fencing skills.

You can use it as a technical record of your training, competitions and achievements or as a personal diary of your fencing journey with your own thoughts and ideas and goals. It is entirely up to you! But remember other people may see it!

On this page there is some content you may wish to print and paste or hand copy into your Diary but you can put in anything of a fencing related nature, notes on films or plays you have seen with fencing, pictures, cartoons, whatever!

The club provides a robust book for your diary but look after it and bring it to every session so that the coaches can see what you are trying to achieve and help you make progress towards your goals!

All files are PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files that should open in a separate window from where you can print them. Just click the images or links below. You may also be able to right click and save them to your computer for printing later. If you have any problems let us know. There is a contact form at the bottom of the page

How to use your diaryMusketeers Badge Labels for your diary
Labels for your diary
Fencing safely
Achievement Award – Foil 1 & 2

Motivate yourself!
Motivational Quotes

Codes of Practice

Coming soon!

The Target
The foil – In pieces

The Fencers’ Pledge of Honour

Dimensions of the Piste


Follow international fencers,

check results, watch videosThe FIE website

Use this form to set your goals, track your progress and form your final report

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More about the Duke of Edinburgh Award on their website

 Referee’s Hand Signals

 Principles of Fencing with the foil and Etiquette

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