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Many hands make light work, so the saying goes! To make the most of our 90 minute sessions we need to get the Musketeers changed and ready to fence as quickly as possible and then supervise them.

You can indicate your willingness to volunteer  when you register your child as a member using our online Membership Registration system or you can use the Contact form or speak to a club officer. Here are the main ways you can help and get involved!

Be our membership secretary – Ensure our records are up to date, mailing list updated and we have emergency contact numbers to hand. This is going online soon so all the checking (for incomplete information) will be done online.

Assistant Treasurer –  Make sure everyone has paid their fees and make the necessary diplomatic reminders where required. Again, systems will be provided to help you. This can be combined with the Membership Secretary role.

Musketeers Competition Secretary – Keep a look out for competitions, informing parents and fencers, checking closing dates,  ensuring membership of British Fencing (done online), ensuring kit available, collecting fees, maintaining the website calendar making arrangements for club level competitions, dates, etc.

Piste assistants –  Our aim is non-stop fencing but everyone likes a chat or to disappear to the drink and snack machines! Help schedule the fencing bouts to keep the pistes busy, attach/detach the younger fencers, record scores for our ongoing fencer development programme.  You can also help us with eyes everywhere looking for poor behaviour and even dangerous situations. Also useful if you attend competitions where a helping hand is often welcome.

 Armoury Assistants – Help to put kit out for use, set up electric boxes, clear up a bit at the end of the session. It’s very easy and takes a few minutes if shared. I just need to give you a guided tour one evening and…

 Washing kit! We do like to keep the kit clean but it is an ongoing task usually with end of term binges! It is standard washing machine stuff. Being polyester with cotton linings they cannot be tumble dried but will air dry in a few hours. Masks can be cleaned in dishwashers. I dont have one so this would be especially appreciated. Even if you only do a few now and again it would be a great help.

Armoury courses are available to help you maintain your own kit or even the club’s!

Parents Representative –  Committee post

As under 16s cannot vote at the AGM we have a parent post on the Managing Committee. We meet at most 4 or 5 times a year and do the rest by email. You can be seconded on to the MC at anytime.

Do only one or combine any of the above! Just let me know.

Download the Volunteer Pack for more information.