British Fencing Membership

We recommend that ALL Club Members become a member of British Fencing.

Your fee supports your National Governing Body (NGB), provides personal accident (to you) and personal liability (to others) insurance and some levels give you access to The Sword magazine.

You must have Compete level membership if you want to compete outside the club

There are a variety of Membership levels depending on whether you are fencing for fun or serious competition. There are rates for under 18s and discounts if you set up automatic renewal

From 1st April 2018 all  Adult Trainees must become Introductory Members of British Fencing.

This is FREE but gives you personal accident and personal liability cover for 90 days and access to the online magazine The Sword

To be covered you must abide by the British Fencing/FIE clothing and safety guidelines which will be explained at the club

At the end of the 90 days you will be invited to upgrade your membership to Starter, Recreational or Compete level. Again we can advise you but also lots of information on the British Fencing website

During the registration process you will be asked certain questions you may not be sure of.  Here are the cheat answers!

  • Do you have an account? : No
  • Option: Join Now
  • Region:
    • Adult Members  and Adult Trainees = London.  You can change this if you wish when you renew in 90 days time. Your coach will advise
    •  Musketeers = South East Region
  • Home Country: England
  • Membership type
    • Adult Trainees = Introduction to Fencing
    • Other members =  As appropriate. You can upgrade but not downgrade
  • Fencing Club: Blackheath
  • On completing the process your membership number will be shown on your Profile Page. Make a note of it and Close the British Fencing web page
  • Now enter your BF Number on your Club Membership Record
  • If you skip this process and do not enter your BF number now you can update your membership record later or give it to your coach.
  • You must provide the British Fencing Membership number at your first session