Gravesham assault on Blackheath 7th May 19

Following Blackheath’s successful assault on Gravesham a few weeks earlier, Gravesham invaded London territory on 7th May seeking revenge.

The anticipated battle was on an ominously cloudy day here in Blackheath.

Laura, Henry and newly crowned epée club champion, James, took on the Gravesham A team. There was a choppy start for Blackheath where they were trailing by 6 points. A strong resurgence took place leading to one of the best final bouts we’ve ever seen. With a great tee up by Henry securing 6 points, James thrashed out another 8 points to secure another nail-biting victory for Blackheath 45-44.

Lorna, Gianluca and Douglas, our newest addition who’s come through the Musketeers programme, took on Gravesham B. Blackheath took an early lead but Gravesham fought back. The lead changed hands at least 4 times!  Unfortunately, Blackheath B were unable to secure a victory this time around and were beaten by the Gravesham opposition (43-45).

Normally we would invite our counterparts out for a beverage after the match. Unfortunately, being election day, we had to leave early to casteth our votes.