Equipment for Sale

Kit for sale at Blackheath 

All are new, at cost, or slightly used (mentioned in description). New items were simply the wrong size and too expensive/troublesome to send back. Used items are from lapsed fencers or out grown by the previous owner. All items are clean and in


good condition!

All new and second hand kit is listed below

There is often equipment for sale on the Kent County AFU website.

DO NOT buy kit from the internet without taking advice from us at the club. There is a lot of old stuff that does not meet current regulations which also change at ages 10 and 13

If you have equipment for sale email details to the Club Secretary (see Contacts). Really useful if your child has outgrown theirs. We will sell it for you!

About once per term a group purchase is made from some suppliers.

Collection at the club. For more information or to reserve contact Andrew or call 07887 821443


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The Club Badge

High quality embroidered badge for jacket (non sword arm) or kit bag. Stitch or Copydex

£5 from the Treasurer or Secretary

Updated August 17

Description Sales Price
A variety of 2nd hand foils and epees  from 50
Epee BFBlade LtWt Guard RH Pistol (slight usage) 80
Breeches Male LP Phoenix RH 38 30
Breeches Female LP Spartan Stretch Size 32 55
Breeches Female Duellist 25-27″ (38) 35
Breeches Male LP Spartan nonstretch 32″ 55
Breeches Female LP Spartan Stretch Size 26 45
Breeches Male LP Spartan NS 36″ 55
Breeches Female Spartan 28″ 45
Breeches Male PBT 34″ /142 50
Breeches Male PBT  140/27″ 25
Glove LP 9.5 25
Glove PBT size 9 RH 17
Jackets and plastrons
Jacket Female Foil LP Spartan  RH 38″ 55
Jacket Male Foil LP Team RH 36″ (2nd Hnd) 80
Jacket Male Foil PBT S52 40″ 30
Jacket Male Foil LP RH 40″ 30
Jacket Junior LP RH 34 30
Jacket Male BladesBrand RH S26 30
Jacket Boys PBT 146 LH 45
Plastron Female Duellist 25
Plastron PBT XS 25
Electric Lamés
Lame Child Foil Duellist LH Small 55
Lame Female Foil  Duellist  RH 36/38″ 58
Lame Female Foil  PBT  RH 32/34″ 30
Socks, shoes and bags
Socks Small 2nd hnd x 3 various sizes 5
Socks Leon Paul 12
Shoes Adidas Engard UK9 slightly used 25
Kit Bag –  PBT, Black Red Pockets 35