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If you want to:

  • send a message or make an enquiry
  • speak to someone or
  • receive email updates about future training courses, competitions, etc.,

If you want to:

  • register for an Adult Taster session
  • register for an Adult Beginners Training Course (see the Home page or the calendar for dates)
  • register as an Adult Member of the Club (for existing fencers) or
  • register a Junior (Musketeer) member or a training camp

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Privacy Statement (summary)

  • We use your information for our own purposes only and will not share it with third parties.
  • Access is restricted to those who need it to carry out their committee roles (see our Governance page).
  • During registration you will give permission for photographs to be taken for club purposes, use of your email and phone numbers and medical information that may be required in an emergency
  • You can ask (via our contact page) to see what information we hold and to amend or remove it and also to remove any pictures you do not want published
  • Data provided to Stripe payment systems falls under their privacy policies
  • For more detail see the

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Risk Statement, Safety and Insurance

Fencing is very safe. Safer than boxing, safer than skydiving, safer than crossing the road! There are some simple Golden Rules for safe fencing and be assured we will tell you all about them, but, like all other sports, please be aware that you fence with others at your own risk.

You need to join British Fencing as this provides insurance cover for fencer on fencer incidents and other benefits including a quarterly magazine, either print or electronic. We suggest the Introductory Membership which is free and lasts for 90 days. You can do that now or later

For Covid19 you will be advised of current requirements before you attend.

If you have any other concerns have a look at Is it Safe? on our About Fencing page which should answer any questions you may have. It opens in a new tab which you can close to return here.

Equity Statement

Blackheath Fencing Club is committed to running a fully inclusive club within safety requirements. Level access to the hall is available. See Where and When.


Membership and Training fees are not refundable except in exceptional circumstances. Your training course fee will be refunded only if we can replace you with another applicant but we will offer to put you top of the list for a later course.

We will also refund if the capacity of the course is exceeded or if it is cancelled by government mandate eg Covid

The club reserves the right to alter or cancel a course for whatever reason. An alternative course at a later date may be offered, or some other arrangement may be agreed with you or a full refund given

Parents of fencers 18 or under

Please review the Parents page and download the Parents Pack. Close that window to return here. (Optional for Summer Camps).

Summary of the important T&Cs

You fence at your own risk (like other sports and activities) but  members of British Fencing are covered by accident and liability insurance.  All Members should take out Introduction membership which is FREE.

Fees are not refundable. Unless, for trainees, we can get someone else to take your place on the course or, in exceptional situations, by appeal to the Committee.

The information you provide is used only by the club and by a restricted number of committee members

There are behaviours which we find unacceptable for both members, parents and guests. For details see the ClubMark pages. They apply to all adults not just parents!

Existing Members

You do NOT have to register again. Go straight to the Club Shop

To update your membership record  you can use the link in your original confirmation email Or use this to have a link sent to you.

Adult Taster & Trainee Sessions

For an adult taster session you need to register as a temporary member of the Club. 

You do not have to be a member of British Fencing for a taster session

From 1st April 2018 adult trainees (not those on tasters) must become an Introductory Member of British Fencing for insurance reasons. This is free for 90 days. Bring your British Fencing Membership Number when you next come to the club or update your Membership Record (see section above).