The entrance has moved - Again!

From Thursday 13th September the entrance to the sports hall is from the front of the school on Vanbrugh Park. Take the new entrance, turn left inside and down the stairs

Full details and map and transport options here. No Parking available inside the gate.

Access from Mycenae Road is now closed.

Please note that there is no adult training or Musketeer (junior) sessions on Thursdays

Adult Training

There will be free tasters and courses for beginner adults on Tuesday 18th September

Tasters last for 2 hours and are free. Courses 10wks 2hrs per week. £90

More about our courses here

For an adult taster you need to register as a temporary member. Select Training as your Interest level. 

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Junior fencing - Join the Musketeers!

  • Fencing is a brilliant way to keep young people physically and mentally fit through their school years and way into the future! 
  • The Tuesday Musketeers club is full! Please try again in January 2019
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  • For times and what to wear see below
  • More about our Musketeers fencing club

Fencing Schedule and What to Wear

  • The Club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in term times
    • Musketeers 6pm to 7.30 Tuesdays Only
    • Adult beginners training 7.30 to 9.15 Tuesdays Only
    • Adult members 7.30 to 9.30 including Tuesday and Thursday
    • Qualified coaches covering all weapons
    • Experienced fencers welcome. First session free.
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What to Wear
Trainees: Trainers: T-shirt, loose fitting trousers, trackies or leggings (not shorts) and enthusiasm!
Experienced Fencers:  Full fencing kit. The club supplies all except breeches
Bring a drink!

Fencing - In a few words...

“Chess at high speed” -“Superb exercise for mind and body”- “A Sport for All, A sport for Life”

Fencing - in 3 minutes

British Champion and Olympian Richard Kruse explains the differences between foil, epee and sabre and what fencing is all about.

We couldn’t say it better!

On the BBC websiteThis opens in a new window/tab



Now give yourself a treat

This 3.8 minute vid is shot in studio and uses normal speed and slow motion to devastating effect to demonstrate blade and footwork especially close quarter techniques.  Makes the blades look like rubber but they’re not! Dont miss it!

Have a look at our YouTube gallery for more about Blackheath Fencers and fencing.

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Updated September 2018