Fencing Links

Fencing Clubs nearest to Blackheath

  • Bexley  Sidcup, Adults Mondays, Juniors Saturdays Falconwood
  • Gravesham Gravesend Tuesday and Friday
  • Streatham Thursday
  • Shortland House Beckenham Wednesday (details on British Fencing Clubs listing)
  • Bromley Sunday
  • Meopham Wednesday
  • Royal Greenwich Juniors Mondays, Adults Thursdays
  • Newham Swords Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Fencing Kit suppliers
 there are others but these have a good rep with fencers. Check the buying equipment page and ask for advice before buying!

  • Leon Paul London Possibly the most well known supplier in UK and US. A club discount is sometime available
  • PBT-UK Good prices for those starting out or on a budget and excellent kit for growing kids. Club discount sometimes available
  • Allstar UK A well known German company. Very popular on the continent.
  • BladesBrand Has a strong relationship with Allstar and often sell Allstar kit cheaper!
  • Swordpricefighters You should only buy new kit from their website and not secondhand without checking the guidance here. We recommend these for very young, fast growing fencers only.