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Fencing Links

  • FIE  (Federation Internationale d’Escrime) The International governing body (with event streaming)
  • FIE Youtube Channel
  • British Fencing (BF) The national governing body (NGB) previously the British Fencing Association
  • England Fencing BF is split into 5 country organisations. England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands
  • London Region For historic reasons (ask if you dare!) we fall into both London and
  • South East regions. They organise qualifying events for national competitions and coordinate training and development.
  • Kent County Amateur Fencing Union (KCAFU) Again for historic reasons we are part of the Country of Kent. County level competitions are highly suited to young beginners and adult intermediate fencers.
  • British Veterans Fencing – if you are 40+ and want to compete
  • A US based forum and fencing information resource
  • The Worshipful Company of Cutlers Presents an annual award to a London Fencing Club which we won in 2010 to expand our junior fencing capability
  • UK Fencing Museum
  • Do explore our Facebook page and look for London Region, South East region FB pages

Fencing Clubs nearest to Blackheath

Fencing Kit suppliers

there are others but these have a good rep with fencers. Check the buying equipment page and ask for advice before buying!

  • Leon Paul London Possibly the most well known supplier in UK and US. A club discount is sometime available
  • PBT-UK Good prices for those starting out or on a budget and excellent kit for growing kids. Club discount sometimes available
  • Allstar UK A well known German company. Very popular on the continent.
  • BladesBrand Has a strong relationship with Allstar and often sell Allstar kit cheaper!
  • Swordpricefighters You should only buy new kit from their website and not secondhand without checking the guidance here. We recommend these for very young, fast growing fencers only.

Local Interest