Armoury Services

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Fencing kit literally gets quite a beating.

To keep weapons light and sensitive means some components are very small and take less kindly to this treatment and even less to bad treatment!

Rewiring a foil socket
Forming a loop on the blade wire to aid connection to the socket

See Sword Cuts for some hints and tips on fault finding and caring for your equipment but if it comes to the crunch then you will have to ask an Armourer to look at the problem. If you have a Leon Paul weapon most often it just requires the point to be disassembled, cleaned and the grub screws replaced. Occasionally a spring and point if they are worn.

A loose handle can also cause electrical faults as the system relies on a series of dry joints (ie contact only) especially in the hilt. And don’t forget the screw connection of the wire to the socket, another notorious point of failure.

Picture of foil being repaired
Rewiring a foil blade showing base contact, insulator and wire being positioned

At worst they will need a rewire. This is much cheaper than a new blade which, (Feb2018) start at £35 and go to £126. Plus postage! If you already have a good blade  a rewire is also an opportunity to upgrade to a Leon Paul GT2 point. Or perhaps you would prefer an Allstar German point or French point which are claimed to be more reliable and more sensitive? In recent years screwless points have become available from Allstar and FWF.

A range of weapon points
From left Leon Paul standard, GT, German, French foil and LP epee points with respective screws.

Armourers can also advise on and change handle types including conversions from French to crosse or pistol grips, repair bodywires, replace bent bayonet sockets and fit lamé bibs to older masks as required for foil competitions for ages 14+.

At Blackheath, armoury services are provided by the Club Armourer, Andrew Nisbet,  Have a word  for free advice and to get a quote! The service is also available to non-members. Send a contact message.