You will be back!

To paraphrase Arnie…

It is never too late to return to fencing. Many of us have taken breaks due to work, marriage, children, work…  Gaps of 14 years are not unknown…

But fencing is like riding a bike; you never forget.

We can match you up with a coach to give you some refresher sessions over a few weeks and get you fencing on the piste against other fencers, which is the best way to remember! It took me 3 months to get back into the swing (into the lunge?) after that 14 years.

If you have some kit about the same age then be prepared. Clothing regulations have changed. Ironically, it’s your weapon that might still be ok! Bring it all along and we will let you know.

Just drop us a line or give a call if you want to talk it over and so that we know you are coming. Or sign up to one of our Refresher courses which run at the beginning of each term