Sword Cuts

Items of interest extracted from British Fencing’s Sword magazine and other sources, armoury hints and tips, tricky rules explained, etc..

  1. Extract from interview with Ziemek Wojciechowski British Olympic coach on hit patterns
  2. Extract from Problems with Coach Egor, The Sword Summer 12

From the Armourer’s bench

Armoury Tip 1 – Resolving white light problems – On the piste
Armoury Tip 2 – Resolving white light problems – At home
Armoury Tip 3 – Resolving white light problems – Where is the problem?
Armoury Tip 4 – Resolving white light problems – The Rewire
Armoury Tip 5 – Disassembling the hilt and reassembly – Tips and traps, blade setting
Armoury Tip 6 – Choosing a blade
Armoury Tip 7 – A discussion on points…

Future tips:

Mending spools

Anything else you would like explained?