Sword Cuts

Items of interest extracted from British Fencing’s Sword magazine and other sources, armoury hints and tips, tricky rules explained, etc..

  1. Extract from interview with Ziemek Wojciechowski British Olympic coach on hit patterns
  2. Extract from Problems with Coach Egor, The Sword Summer 12

From the Armourer’s bench

Fencing kit, and weapons in particular, take a literal beating and constant vibration will loosen a screw, bolt or barrel over time. Other wear and tear also takes place and it is handy if the fencer can carry out basic maintenance and identify and fix basic faults.

Foils need constant TLC and Leon Paul barrels and points in particular because the design means the screws are constantly being worn down. As a rule of thumb if you replace the tape then also check and swop around (you can only do this once) or replace the screws. Check Tip 2 for how to avoid basic mistakes doing even this!

Loose handles mean poor contact between blade, guard and socket bracket resulting in high resistance and white lights. An Allen key (quarter inch for LP weapons, 6mm for continental makes) should be in every kit. And check Tip 5 to avoid the basic mistakes doing this!

Leon Paul do a nice ‘magnatin’ to carry most of your spare bits and tools. See Tip 2 for a list of these

Armoury Tip 1 – Resolving white light problems – On the piste
Armoury Tip 2 – Resolving white light problems – At home
Armoury Tip 3 – Resolving white light problems – Where is the problem?
Armoury Tip 4 – Resolving white light problems – The Rewire
Armoury Tip 5 – Disassembling the hilt and reassembly – Tips and traps, blade setting
Armoury Tip 6 – Choosing a blade
Armoury Tip 7 – A discussion on points…

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Mending spools

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Updated: June 2018