2019 Club Championships – Results

On 26th March and 2nd April we held the Club championships for Foil and Épée. This is a more serious affair than the Team comp in December and Master At Arms in June which are seasonal fun events.

There were 20 competitors in the Foil event and included four Cadets who have progressed up from the Musketeers and six from this year’s adult training courses as well as the ‘old hands’.

For those not familiar with results sheets, W=Wins, M=Matches. Where the ratio of these is equal we move on to Indicators to decide placings for those with the same ratio. The Indicator is a simple difference between Hits Scored and Hits Received

Foil results:

1Khurshid KhanW47888%255530
2Henry FazakerleyF47888%175639
3Gurlal JagdevSF46786%114029
3Rob BaxterSF45771%174326
5Janice PearceQF35683%152813
6Douglas BirkettQF34667%132512
7Frank BaxterQF34667%102111
8Gianluca GentileQF33650%-21820
9Sandesh RavindranL1623560%92112
10Maël ZoungranaL1622540%21715
11Laura La DelfaL1622540%21412
12Amy JenkinsL1622540%-51318
13Samuel BrazaoL1622633%-51621
14Lucian StoneL1622633%-71421
15Kayleigh HoangL1621617%-121325
16Jess YoonL1621617%-19827
17Hector MannL3211520%-14822
18Tamara FischerL3211520%-20525
19Marija TodorovicL321050%-21425
20Coenraad UysL321050%-22325
Blackheath Fencing Club Foil Champ winners
On the renowned Blackheath Podium 2019 Foil Championship Medallists Kurshid Kahn, Gold; Henry Fazakerley, Silver; Rob Baxter and Gurlal Jagdev Bronze [Click for larger image]

Épée Results:

We also had a good entry for the Épée event the following week with a number of members having a first go at the weapon or at least very rusty!

1James WilliamsonW55683%35148
2Gurlal JagdevF45683%115443
3Henry FazakerleySF35683%113928
3Maël ZoungranaSF35771%164933
5Stephen WoodQF23475%92314
6Laura La DelfaQF23560%72720
7Samuel BrazaoQF22540%-102030
8Douglas BirkettQF21520%-62127
9Lorna GrosseL1612450%-41317
10Amy JenkinsL1612450%-51621
11Janice PearceL1611425%-21416
12Lucian StoneL161040%-13720
13Dean KeiganL161040%-15520