Blackheath leads successful assault on Gravesham

As part of an occasional foray into Kentish lands Blackheath travelled to Gravesham Fencing club one Tuesday evening, 19th May, for a friendly team competition.

Gurlal, James and Stephen narrowly beat the talented A team from Gravesham 45-44. The match was back and forth throughout with both Gravesham and Blackheath taking turns leading the race. A nail-biting finish saw the final bout start with 2-point difference but with some strategic play victory was secured.

Henry and Mael commandeered a gifted fencer, Rohan from Gravesham, to take on Gravesham’s B team. Gravesham fought well but were again narrowly beaten by Blackheath + Rohan, 45-39. Had this young mercenary not been fencing for Blackheath the score may have looked a lot different!

After the match there was still some time to fence everyone again and settle some deep-seated desire to rectify previous mistakes. (which probably means we got thrashed! – Ed)

The team enjoyed their trip down to Gravesham and we are planning a more regular series of  matches.