Tri-Club Competition

We are setting up a new series of competitions with local clubs. Known, for now, as the Tri-Club Competition, Morley Blades, Gravesham Fencing Club and ourselves will be competing against each other over the next three terms using Blackheath as a common base. Epee is the primary weapon but foil teams will also attend from Morley Swords to fence Blackheath.

12th November: A Blackheath Epee team will visit Gravesham. Speak to Gurlal ( to participate
5th December. Morley and Gravesham Epee teams will compete against each other at Blackheath. Morley will bring a foil team to fence Blackheath.

More dates in the New Year will be scheduled later

It is very easy to get used to fencing your fellow club members and knowing all their habits, strengths and weaknesses. These competitions give you the chance to fence new people and practice working out strategies and tactics on the spot!