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GoCardLess A UK only system that charges your bank account using the familiar Direct Debt service but without the paperwork. It is our preferred payment method as the bank charges are less.

3 Children? Youngest is free. Parent attending? A family rate also available. Please speak to the Youth Coordinator at the club

Please note that Thursday Musketeers is still shown as an option but is not currently running.

GoCardLess Credit/Debit Card or Paypal
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GoCardLess Logo Preferred Payment Method

This service is only available for UK £ bank accounts

When you use this method you will be authorising a one off Direct Debit from your bank account

Although you are paying for a specific day your child(ren) can come to the other session, in the event of school work, event, illness, etc., by giving advance notice to the Youth Coordinator.
Tuesdays 1 Child
Tuesdays 2 Children  
Thursdays 1 Child (not available)
Thursdays 2 Children (not available)
Tues and Thurs One Child (not available)

Paypal Account or Credit/Debit Card

Paypal Logo

To pay by Credit or Debit card click the Buy Now button and choose that option on the Paypal website. You do not need a Paypal account

Remember to fill in the name of the trainee in the box below!

If you are going to use a Debit card why not use GoCardLess instead?

Tuesday Sessions

Child Name(s)

Thursday Sessions (currently not available)

Number of Fencers
Child Name(s)

Tuesdays and Thursdays (not available)

Number of Fencers
Child Name(s)


One day One Child £90
One day Two Children £155
Two days One Child (Not currently available) £155
Two days Two Children (Not currently available) £280

Bring Cash to the club in an envelope with name attached.

When you are ready have a look around Fencers Corner (from the Menu above), check out the new calendar and add it to your own or have a look at Equipment For Sale