Club Shop – Adult Members

This Page is for:

Existing Adult members

Those who have completed a recent Adult training course

Experienced fencers joining the club

Cadets (aged up to 18), should pay Musketeer fees

Club Fees

Standard Rates & Guest Fees

Fees are payable every term with a half term option

Summer 2022 term: 2nd Half term will be 31st May until 14th July.

One Session per Week

Either Tuesdays OR Thursdays


Guest Fees £10 or £17 with coaching

Adult Fees - One Session per Week

Whole Term and Half Term Rates available

Blackheath Fencing Club

Price Options

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Subtotal £108.00

Total due £108.00

Two Sessions per Week

Tuesday & Thursday

2 Sessions per week


Adult Fees - Two Sessions Per Week

Means you can come on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pay half or whole term

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Subtotal £180.00

Total due £180.00

Other Payments

Adjustments, badges, Donations


See Separate Section Below

This is now our main method of contact instead of email. Please join and read the group description for usage guidelines

Please txt your full name to 07887 821443 so that you can be identified!

If you do not have WhatsApp you will see an invitation to install. It is safe and secure!

Other Payments, Badges, Mask Shields, Special Events, Donations

Use ‘Other Payments’ should you have additional fees to pay.

Donations are always welcome!

Mask Shields – One disposable mask shield from Leon Paul, see LP shop page.

Do not use this for purchasing 2nd Hand equipment or repairs. Those items are provided privately by our Armourers who will arrange another method of payment.

Other Payments

Other Purchases,
Adjustments and

Other Payments and Donations


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