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Existing Adult members

Those who have completed a recent Adult training course

Experienced fencers joining the club

Cadets (aged up to 18), should pay Musketeer fees (Except for Greenwich West Sessions. Please continue below)

Covid Guidance – YOU MUST READ THIS

Club Covid Officer: Tony Nickson

The requirements for indoor sport are very strict. You must read these and the Fencing Guidelines and confirm you have when you complete the weekly health questionnaire

Onsite Covid Officers: Henry Fazakerley & Andrew Nisbet

Being allowed to gather in groups larger than those allowed in public places comes with some hurdles

  • You MUST be a member of British Fencing. We suggest the free 90 day Introductory Membership, Starter or Recreational
  • You must be a registered member of Blackheath Fencing Club with up to date contact details
  • You must have all your own kit. We cannot lend any club kit at the present time for various reasons
  • You must arrive ready to fence eg trackies over breeches or suitable underwear for changing in an open space. eg shorts
  • Bring only what you intend to use
  • Bring your own sanitiser, small first aid kit (plasters for blisters, bandage for a sprain) and wear a suitable mask while in the building
  • Sanitiser and spare medical masks will be available including anti-virus wiping down of your mask when leaving
  • Bring a drink
  • You are required to complete a medical status questionnaire on the day of each session prior to attending (link in purple box below). If you are not permitted to fence you must stay at home and follow official advice. LET US KNOW so that we can offer your space to another fencer and your fee will be carried forward. We cannot do this if you are a ‘no show’
  • Queue for entry on the ramp to left of door. If raining, in the corridor with the lift (to the right on entry), distanced
  • Maintain 2m distancing during entry, exit and in the hall
  • Follow the guidance and instructions of the onsite Covid Officer and any floor markings and signs
  • Be familiar with the fencing guidelines and piste procedures for handling equipment (PDF)
  • There will be a maximum of 12 fencers allowed on site
  • When you leave the building any stricter public restrictions apply eg groups of 6 indoors
  • Apply for a place and pay in advance online only
  • If you have paid for a session but we are full when you arrive then you will be given priority for the following week or refunded
  • Join this WhatsApp group for Adult Fencers as your main contact method or SMS to 07887 821443
  • Monday 2nd August is our next session.
  • After all that, Welcome back and have some great fencing!

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Greenwich West – Mondays

Session starts strictly at 8.00 and ends at 9.30pm.
If you are queuing before entry keep 2m distance

We have to make you aware of the increased transmission risks of indoor activities and make clear that by booking a session you are opting to participate

On the day of the session please complete the health questionnaire linked in the purple box above.

Also, if you are not registered as a member or your BF Number does not check out with British Fencing you cannot fence with us until this is remedied.

Club Fees

1 Session per week

No Voucher Required

Adult Fees - Greenwich West - Monday Session

Paid weekly in advance

Price Options
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Subtotal £10.00

Total due £10.00

Payable Every Week In advance

Other Payments

Kit Deposits
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Other Payments, Badges, Special Events, Donations

Kit Deposits include the first term’s hire. Deposits are returnable provided everything is returned clean and in good order. Losses will be charged for at current replacement cost.

If anything should become detached from the equipment please attach it to the item and return it immediately for repair.

Use ‘Other Payments’ should you have additional fees to pay.

Donations are always welcome!

Do not use this for purchasing 2nd Hand equipment or repairs. Those items are sold privately by our Armourer who will arrange another method of payment.

Other Payments

Kit Deposits
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Other Payments and Donations


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