SC 1204-1 Hit pattern

Malcolm Fare, editor of The Sword: “At the world championships in 1983/85 (you recorded) that:
  • 57% of men’s hits and 63% women’s hits were attacks
  • 25% (men) and 15% (women) counter-attacks and
  • 18% (men) and 22% (women) were ripostes.
Have these changed much?” ZW: “Yes, since the timings changed (on the boxes) foil has got slower with a shift away from attacks, more ripostes and fewer counter-attacks. There are exceptions. The French score 60% of their hits from attacks and counter-attacks, the Russians are more balanced with many more ripostes than the French.” “Looking at the top fencers in the world, on average only 40% of hits are scored from attacks and 60% from ripostes and counter attacks. There are more successful ripostes than counter-attacks.” MF; ” What is the best preparation for a tournament?” ZW: “Generally speaking, between competitions, 15% of the time resting, 20% on general physical training, 25% on technical preparation, 22% tactical and competitive preparation and 15% on lessons. The proportions change depending on the length of the gap between competitions.” “Knowing as much as you can about your opponents is important. Study their fights and think through their tactics. People around the fencers need to maintain calm so the focus is on the fencing. One is constantly working to improve the model.”