Training for Adult beginners

We have all seen the films, Zorro, Three Musketeers, Prisoner of Zenda,

Adult Training Group Jan 2014

Adult Training Group Jan 2014

(even James Bond got in on the act), and felt the excitement and thrill that comes from those deftly manipulated blades! It was Zorro (the 1960’s series…) that inspired me to start fencing at age 11. And I am still at it…

Now you too can learn the secrets of fencing, join the battles, experience the exhilaration of the duel and have fun!

We have a range of courses to suit the absolute Novice and those wishing to return to fencing after a break. Fencing may look complicated but we break it down into easily learned chunks and you will be fencing by the end of your first session.

Courses from September 2015


A full term course (about 12 weeks) 

For those with no experience or have not fenced for 5 or more years

You will have a dedicated, qualified coach and all equipment will be provided

The course is in two halves.

First half of the term (5-6 weeks) 

You will learn a bit about the history of fencing and will have an introduction to the different weapons. We will cover safety (it’s very safe!), and basic fencing with the foil including footwork (how to lure your opponent onto your point!), lunging, simple and compound attacks and associated defences.

After the half term break

You will have two weeks introduction to electric fencing with the foil and refereeing

For the remaining weeks you will have one to one coaching session each week and get to know other members of the club better. You will fencing intermediate fencers who have recently been through the course as, apart from coaching, the best way to learn is to fence those with a bit more experience!

All sessions are 7.30 to 9.30

What to wear?

Trainers, loose fitting trousers, trackies or stretch leggings, T-Shirt (perhaps a 2nd dry one too) and something to drink. And lots of enthusiasm!

As this term ends at Christmas you will also be able to come to the club Christmas social evening

Adult Refresher Course

For those who have not fenced for up to 2 years. 1 hour group session per week for 4 weeks  revising footwork skills, direct and indirect attacks, lateral, circular and semi-circular parries followed by integration fencing with other club members.

Dedicated and qualified coach

After completion of the course extend your membership to the end of term for just £50 for another 6=8 weeks of coaching and fencing


Course Dates

The next full courses will be in September ’15. And will be on Tuesdays only unless there is sufficient demand for a Thursday course. You can indicate your preferred day when you register as a member or join our mailing list.

There is a £20 discount for Students and Unwaged

Book through the Club Shop

To have a free taster send us a message through our Contact Page. Tasters take place on the first week of each half term

What some attendees have said:

Fencers On guard!

On guard!

“An exciting course in a sociable and welcoming

atmosphere. Looking forward to coming back next term.”  Stuart (beginners course Autumn ’12)


Out of 48 adults trained Sept’12 to Easter ’13,  19 became full members!”