Adult Training FAQs

What will Fencing do for me?

Fencing is superb exercise for body and mind. It will let you escape the pressures of everyday life and work off those stresses. It is good for your heart, your head and your general physical health. It is, of course, an international sport and you can compete all over the country, and the world, if you wish!

Films use stage fencing for dramatic effect. Modern fencing is based on efficiency of movement, stealth and tactics but loses none of the excitement. Fencing is Fun!

Fencing is a Sport for All!  We are a fully inclusive club, whatever your age or background, for a fully inclusive sport.

Fencing is A Sport for Life! We have fencers of all ages from 8 to 80, once learned it is not forgotten and many fencers come back to it if they have had to take a break. For me the break was 14 years long and I took it up again in my late fortie

Adult Novices Courses

We have been running these since 2008 and they are very popular so you need to book as soon as you can.

Maximum of 12 per course. Sometimes they run one day a week and sometimes two, according to demand (and availability of coaches) but the courses are one night per week.

All classes start at 7.30pm at Blackheath High School, Vanbrugh Park, SE3 7AG. Directions to the club and a map can be found on our Where and When page

Who is it for?

Men and Women aged 16 or over with little or no experience and with any degree of fitness. Those under 16 would be better joining the Junior group ( The Blackheath Musketeers).

Several disabilities can be accommodated provided it does not impact safety. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Course Outline

The course includes:

A full time, qualified coach
All the equipment required
History and background to the three weapons
Clothing and safety guidelines
The armoury and care of equipment
Fencing etiquette

Distance control and tactics
Basic footwork skills
Simple and compound attacks
Parries and other defences
Fencing with others from day one

Introduction to tactics
Advanced footwork techniques (eg balestra, fleche)
Judging and refereeing
Electric fencing with the foil
A brief introduction to epee and sabre, the other two weapons, if there is time

A typical Training Evening

Five to ten minute warm up to avoid common muscle injuries and to get you ready for action!
Revision of the previous week’s activities for reinforcement and for those who may have missed them
Group instruction and practice on an attack, defence, footwork, distance control or tactics. Usually two or three new techniques each week
A period of free fencing with other trainees practicing the moves you have learned

What if I miss a week or two

We all have busy lives and we appreciate life and work can get in the way so we work around that by revising each lesson the following week.
If you miss more than 2 weeks in a row we will do what we can to catch you up and rejoin the group but the more you miss the harder it will get as it is quite a well paced course

Who will be teaching me?

All our Coaches are British Fencing qualified and registered. They will have assistance from senior club members at times. You can find out more about them on our Coaches page.

What do I need to bring?

The club provides all the fencing equipment you require for the course. You need to bring trainers, T-shirt (and a dry one to change into after), loose fitting or stretch trousers/leggings, a bottle of water or juice and lots of enthusiasm!

At some point you will want to buy your own kit. We get club discount from major suppliers and can advise on what to buy.

Secondhand items are often available through the club. Do not buy online, new or secondhand, without advice!

Is Fencing for you?

We are all different, fencing tends to appeal to people who like to be independent individuals but also introverts and extroverts! It will encourage you to be more assertive if you are shy while developing physical and other mental skills.

We do have team events, they are similar to a relay race, but individual events are more common. If you are not sure you can attend the first day of the course, which is an overview, to get feel for it. There is a small fee of £20 which we deduct from the course cost if you join.

Please note that we can only guarantee a place on a course if it has been booked and paid in advance.

Length of Courses and Payment

The number of weeks varies according to the school term but fees work out at about £8.50 per session.

All fees are payable in advance, or at the end of the free taster session

You may pay by Credit or Debit card through our Club Shop. We do not handle cash or cheques to avoid standing in queues at the bank