Information for Parents

Once your child has joined the club you will soon be faced with all sorts of fencing jargon and when you watch a fight just how to those points get scored?

The Parents Fencing Survival Guide has all the answers including the difference between the weapons, explanation of “right of way”, a glossary of terms and what to do about competitions.

ClubMark was UK Sport’s Accreditation Programme which shows that clubs have a minimum level of standards for working with young people and offer a safe and supportive club environment. This ended in 2019 but we maintain those policies and standards.

As parents or carers you do need to be aware of these so they are in a Parents Pack for you to download. It contains six documents but they are in print this size and mostly on one page. The documents are:

  • Welcome letter
  • Child Protection policy (short version!)
  • Code of Practice for parents and carers
  • Code of Practice (ie rules) for junior members (please discuss these with your child)
  • The anti-bullying policy and
  • Equity Policy statement

When you register for membership you will be stating that you have read these!

We are a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. There are many small (and not so small) things you can do to help, so become a volunteer and help bring this exciting sport to youngsters. You can find out more about that on the Volunteer page.

Updated Sept 21