Christmas Raffle 2015 Prizes and Winners

Thanks to everyone who donated prizes and bought tickets, especially those that did both! And to those who sold tickets, it has been a great effort. We raised a little more than last year, £130 which, together with last year’s contributions gives us a fund of around £200. The existing trophies have gone in for assessment and estimate for repair but we will be getting a couple of estimates over the next few weeks. The winning tickets were drawn at the Club Christmas Dinner (If you weren’t there you missed a very pleasant evening!) at Davys Wine Cellars where each diner pulled a ticket from a bag. Duplicate winners were not allowed, only one prize each! Each winner picks in order, so first winner gets first pick of the prizes, last winner gets the last prize remaining! 15 tickets were drawn for the 15 prizes. T
William Hopkinson (adults) Taken
James Cross (adults) Taken
Giacomo Raggi (juniors) Taken
Phillipa McCormack (juniors)  Chosen
James Williamson (adults)  Chosen
Alister Smith (adults)  Chosen
Mael Zoungrana (adults)
Alex Orme (juniors)
Alex Harris (juniors)
Alan Jackaman (adults)
Sandesh (juniors)
Helen Causley (juniors)
Ben Warner (adults)
Frank Baxter (adults)
Hettie Thorneycroft (adults)
 Prizes can be collected from the Club
Bottle of Whisky (Bottle of good wine subsituted)  Claimed
Plastic Bag Monster maker
Leon Paul sports drink bottle
Playing card set, dice and games book
6 placemats and coasters in seasonal style
The Why? Encyclopaedia
Harry Potter and the Philiosphers Stone
Da Vinci Catapult model  Claimed
Lindt Master Chocolatier collection
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Bottle Prosecco  Claimed
Bottle Spanish Cabanero Red 2013  Claimed
Bottle Pedesclaux Red 2004 Claimed
Jar of Church Terrace Apple Chutney 2015  Clained
Flying Scotsman 3d puzzle
Cailler Swiss Chocolates Signature selection