Managing Committee Roles – 2022

Roles of Officers and Committee Members

Structure from March– 2022


  1. Club Officers have legal responsibility for the club
  2. Roles, broad responsibilities and voting rights are conferred by General Meetings.
  3. Tasks are defined by the Committee
  4. Titles are suggestions and may be re-named by agreement

4. Committee members may take on more than one role but will only have one vote.

5. Tasks can be shared between committee members as agreed by the Committee members and under the coordination of the Chairperson

  1. Chairperson
    • Provides the vision and helps set the strategic direction of the club
    • Senior external facing representative of the club
    • Chairs general and committee meetings
    • Guides the team to achieve their objectives and delegate tasks (Team Leader)
    • Jointly responsible for managing club sessions (Club Officer)
    • Bank signatory
  2. Deputy Chairman (It is proposed to leave this role vacant unless required from 2022)
    • An optional post supporting the Chairman with either totally shared responsibilities or as defined by the Committee.
    • Club Officer
  3. Club Secretary
    • Responsible for all administrative tasks concerning the running and existence of the club eg insurance, hall bookings, British Fencing liaison, membership management
    • Deals with enquiries and scheduling training courses
    • Issues meeting notices and agendas
    • Records minutes and monitors assigned actions
    • Club Officer
    • Bank Signatory
  4. Membership Secretary (Provisional title. A voting, non-officer role)
    • Assists the Secretary with Membership joiners/leavers, email list management, maintains WhatsApp groups, training course promotion and admin. Leads communications with Members, Parents, prospective members and coaches.
  5. Club Treasurer
    • Collects fees, pays invoices, records the financial transactions and reports to the Committee
    • Advises the Committee on setting the budget including level of members’ fees and approving expenditure
    • With Lead Coach, Chair and Secretary, negotiates fees with coaches and on hall rental
    • Club Officer
    • Bank Signatory
  6. Assistant Treasurer (Provisional title. A voting, non-officer role)
    • Assists the Treasurer maintain Membership payment records and any agreed tasks relating to onboarding new members/trainees eg monitoring payment.
  7. Lead Coach
    • Devises coaching policy and supervises coaches
    • Ensures the coaching needs of fencers are met
    • Communicates and advises parents/carers about suitable competitions and training opportunities
  8. Competition Secretary
    • Raises teams to fence under the name of Blackheath Fencing Club.
    • Encourages entries to individual competitions
    • Assists with organisation of Club Championships and arranges competitions with other clubs
  9. Welfare Officer (see separate document for full scope)
    • Responsible for ensuring the club complies with child protection guidelines and safety regulations.
    • Deals with matters arising under these headings, advises the Committee and liaises with the British Fencing Welfare Officer
  10. Musketeers Parents Representative
    • Represents the ideas and concerns of U18 fencers and parents/carers on the committee
  11. Social Secretary
    • Organises social events to foster team building, maintain interest in the club, improve member retention and encourage integration of new members
  12. Partnerships Representatives (not currently relevant)
    • Appointed to represent Partnership members (eg University Clubs) per the terms of the Partnership Agreements
  13. Armourer(s) (Non-voting)
    • Maintains the armoury and asset register, repairs equipment and advises the committee on equipment purchases
  14. Marketing Adviser (non-voting)
  15. Social Media Coordinator (non-voting)
    • Manages content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
    • Evaluates social media platforms for best practice and appropriate use
    • May assist with maintaining website content
  16. Website Administrator/IT Support (non-voting)
    • Maintains access to and carries out updates as requested including email accounts. Maintains consistency of look and feel
    • Committee members are encouraged to maintain content related to their activities.

Voting roles: 11 (Maximum)

Non-voting roles: 4