Privacy Statement

The Data Protection Act 2018 implemented the General Data Protection Rules (GPDR) and others applicable to the UK only.

What we do with the Member data we keep

The lawful basis for keeping data is your consent during completion of the Membership form and/or signing to the email list. By completing the membership form you (should) be automatically added to the email list.

The data you provide or later entered by club officers is used to:

  • notify you of tasters, courses, club dates, competitions, events related to fencing and club branded merchandise.
  • help us manage the club on a day to day basis eg payment information, courses attended, competition results, coaching records where a coaching plan exists, etc
  • comply with legal and local authority requirements
  • assist us and the public emergency services in the event you fall ill or have an accident
  • apply for grants in aggregate form (ie we do not use your personal details)

It will be stored on an internet server and is protected by internet security protocols such as encryption (SSL and ‘salts’, ie random codes), strong passwords, other security software and hardware such as firewalls.

The information will be accessible only to Club Officers, Lead Coach, the Social and Competition Secretaries and other Committee members, as required for their duties or as required for your medical treatment.

We will not give your details to another member or to another organisation without your permission.

Updating your information

  • You will be sent an email as part of the club registration process. This contains a link which will enable you to update the information you have provided (Mar18, currently not working properly. Use the contact page or membership Id search page to be sent a new link).
  • If you lose this you can request a replacement or we can send you another.
  • Our Data Protection Officer is the Club Secretary

Deleting your data

  • If you leave the club you can ask us to delete your personal data by email or via the Contact page
  • All emails sent from the club’s email list management system have an Unsubscribe option
  • We will also delete personal data if you have not attended the club for 3 clear years
  • We may keep enough data to assess changes in our membership numbers but only enough for statistical analysis. eg, dates of starting, leaving, gender, age and reason for leaving.

Payment systems

Where you use Stripe, or other payment providers we may use, the data you provide to them is subject to their Privacy Policies.


These are little files that are stored on your computer. Without them the website may not work but you can turn them off if you like in your browser options. They also help us monitor how the website is used and if you have visited before.


When you register with the club as a member or to register your children as members  you give permission for photographs of the member to be taken and published on the club website or related channels such as Instagram, YouTube and Flickr. These will be disguised or removed on request. See Deleting your data, above

British Fencing has a policy that all photographers register at competitions or events where young people (18 or under) are present and a register will be provided for you to complete.

You can contact us about your information at the club or via our Contact page

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