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Please enter YOUR name and contact details. For Musketeers (15 or under) the contact details, should be that of a parent or guardian. Please enter the other parent's name and details in the Medical and Emergency Contact section. Items with * are required

YOUR name ie Adult or Parent

YOUR family name ie adult or Parent

Must be that of a person 16 yrs or over. We will only contact you if absolutely necessary

Only if you have a home landline


Payment Details. To keep these fields away from member when updating their record

Details in notes field

What we expect this member might pay in the current term.


Paid for current term

Details of concessions, etc


For Club Officers and Committee only.

Joined from an Adult Training course

Deemed left if not attended for 2 terms

Indicate that the record for this person can be deleted. This can be done through the Membership Maintenance Page

0=not fenced. 3=very good. Order is FES

Do they enter competitions?

Details of comps entered/results


Allocate fencer to coach

Areas of improvement/training targets

Are they using the Fencing Diary?

Fencer's details

About the fencer

If you are an adult enter the same as previous tab. If a parent then enter your child's name

If you are an adult enter the same as previous tab. If a parent then enter your child's name


eg Start date of taster/course or first day at the club.

Student 18+, Unwaged or Retired?

Concession rates may apply

About your fencing

Please tell us what are you interested in

Adult Novice Training

Have a taster first or go full course from the start

Junior fencing

Ages 9 to 15

I am a Fencer already

For experienced fencers


Which day(s) would you be interested in? Note: Musketeers (U16) are Tuesdays Only

If you already fence what are your preferred weapons in order of choice eg Foil, Sabre, Epee. Use = for equal choice eg foil epee=sabre


Which is your dominant hand?

Do you or your child have any previous fencing or sport experience?

Fencing Objective

What is it about fencing that interests you?

British Fencing Membership Number. Membership is required. NB. Adult trainees require Introductory Membership. Scroll up to the menu and select British Fencing Membership under The Club. Follow the instructions. You will return here.

Medical Info and Emergency contacts

Please advise any issues that may affect the fencer and might become apparent while fencing. eg Diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, epipen user, heart condition, etc., we really need to know! Knowing about learning or behavioural issues helps us understand and integrate a child but providing this is entirely voluntary. All information will be kept confidential and only shared with the Coaches, Club Officers and the emergency services

Do you consider you/your child to have a disability(1) or medical condition?

(1)Defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995: "A physical or mental long term impairment which has substantial long term adverse effect on ability to carry out normal day to day activities"

Medical Status

Anything we should be aware of eg the nature of the disability or medical condition

Name and phone of partner, carer, doctor, friend, specialist, etc.

Confirmation and Consents

Here you will confirm how we can contact you and that you have read the Privacy Statement, Risk Statement, T&Cs and, for parents, the Child Protection Policy and Codes of Conduct in the Parents Pack.

Contact Preference

WhatsApp is our preferred method. You will be invited to join a group which provides immediate notices of class status, reminders, lets you notify us of delays, ask questions, etc.. Use of email is declining but remains an option at the moment!

You have read and agree to the Privacy Statement

Child Protection

Parents and Carers: You have read and agree to the child protection policy and codes of conduct? ClubMark

Child Medical

Parents/Carers You agree to grant 'in loco parentis' (as a parent) rights to qualified first aiders to provide medical treatment and transport to hospital if required

Home Alone

You consent to letting your child go home alone. Only permitted for ages 14 and above

How did you find the Club?

Other = eg walk by,

Would you like to help at the club?

There are a number of ways members, parents and carers can assist. Say Yes and we will let you know more!