Managing Committee Meeting 15/2/22

Agenda ItemCommentsActionsStatus
1. AttendeesMael (MZ), Henry(HF), Dean(DK), Andrew(AGN)
Apologies: Tony(TN), Laura
Meeting opened 7.15pm and was quorate with 50% of voting committee members present. Laura formally resigned earlier in Feb due to impending motherhood.
2a. Review 2021Fencing re-started in May 21 with 8 Saturday Adult sessions followed by 3 Mondays at Greenwich Community Centre. Children’s summer camp in August was successful with 14 children over two weekends with 8 joining in September. Greater use of WhatsApp groups has increased engagement and simplified communciations. Stripe introduced, in place of Paypal and GoCardless, with increased flexibility and simplified admin despite a slight increase in overall cost. With fixed costs for BF Membership, website, armoury repairs and additional Covid materials a loss of £500 was recorded for the year to 31August on income of £1500. Complete
2b. Review 21/22 Year to dateAutumn 21 term was very active with large gain from the Adult Training group, with good membership take up, and smaller ones from both Adults and Musketeers of c£600 despite 3 week Covid break in November and refunds of fees.
Spring 22 term is lighter on Adult Trainees but should turn a surplus. Thursday has started up again. School surcharge for half term session will likely push into an overall loss for this term although absence of Andy Pav for 3-4 weeks will mitigate this to some extent
3. Half Term SurchargeAt 11th hour the school decided we had to pay a 100% uplift for out of term caretaker overtime costs as they make no money on the hall hire. With no time to negotiate the decision was taken to proceed with Feb half term fencing but to review at this meeting. There are 3 half terms per year plus 2 weeks in July to compensate for exam weeks in May. Also 1 Easter week and 4 ‘Summer Holidays’ as 10 potential sessions with an additional cost of £1400 pa. This is not budgeted for in the fees structure. AGN to try and negotiate the uplift but we will still have to manage these additional sessions with either a surcharge, increase in fees, no coaching, or reducing the number of these additional fencing weeksAGN talk to school.

Discuss with Members on WApp Grp
4. Additional CoachWith Andy Pav wishing to fence, the sabre group needing a coach, and cover needed for Andy, it was agreed to advertise for a coach with minimum Level 3 Sabre and L2 in Foil/Epee with Level 5 in all three if possible. There is budget for a L5 coach on Thursdays (Andy) so it is within budget. Note: Andrew intends to continue coaching until at least July22 pending hip operation but possible a Level 2 will be needed in future.AGN to draft job specOpen
5. Covid 19With overall reduction in national legal requirements, British Fencing continues to defer to Club Risk Assessments for prevention of Covid. AGN and TN to review Risk Assessment. People to make their own choices on attendance but don’t come with flu or colds. Continue with masks when not fencing and separation of Musketeers from adults. Guidelines on the website to change accordingly.AGN/TN review the RAOpen
6. Mgt. Committee RestructuringWith AGN stepping back, just two people carrying the work load needs to change. With the Club Officer roles being legal representatives (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) and Parents’ Rep also necessary, these will remain but it is to be proposed that the ‘Representatives’ roles be converted to active roles to share the customer relationship tasks under the coordination of the Chairperson and/or Secretary.
The new role descriptions will be drafted for approval at the AGM and Members elected to whichever Committee structure is agreed (ie existing or new).
AGN to draftOpen
7. 2022 AGMScheduled for face to face on 8th and 10th March with votes combined.
New Club Welfare officer required with one parent and one club member expressing interest.
With Tony stepping down a new Chairperson is required.
Henry has offered to consider taking the Secretary post and handing over to new Treasurer under his guidance and training. Will also provide cover on the important financial role.
AGN to follow up WO role. And issue meeting noticeOpen
8. Club Competitions and TrophiesClub comps scheduled for 15th (epee) and 17th (foil). Sabre scheduled for 24th unless there is hang over for foil final but asap. (End of term is following week unless term extension).
Mens foil – Shield – full with winners being transferred to reverse.
Ladies foil – Rose Bowl – Battered, needs re-plating perhaps also an out of date concept?
Proposed to discuss with female members whether to have a new combined foil trophy
Epee – Mounted perspex design – Whereabouts not known but Cos is enquiring with a previous known winner.
Sabre – Small shield. Not gender specific so could server as a joint award as is.

Musketeers – Prior to Covid an ongoing Challenge had been introduced where we use proper scoresheets and log all club fencing bouts and award to fencer with highest number and best victory ratio. Jack Fitzgerald’s £500 legacy was to purchase an award. It was agreed that we should adapt the ex Bromley Fencing Club trophy for Blackheath use (see below)

Reinstating Morley/Gravesham/BH tripartite comp and GB league. Dean is investigating the new British Fencing GB league system and will report back to the MC. Need to discuss with the other clubs whether to retain previous tripartite comp or continue under GB league
HF will coord club comps with assistance

HF to lead discussion with ladies re combined shield.

DK/HF/AGN re Musketeer trophy

DK re Tripartite /GB league


7. ArmouryThe only other remaining officer of Bromley Fencing Club, now considered all but defunct, has agreed for Blackheath to adopt whatever kit is useful including 2 Club score boxes, various jackets, lamés and any weapons that remain serviceable.

Plans are in place and being progressed to re-design the Armoury to increase storage capacity by removing the hanging rail, new shelving system on right side and re-organising contents. To be completed in stages over the coming weeks.
DK/AGN, Armoury redesignOpen
8. AOB Have been incorporated into above Agenda
Meeting closed 8.45pm