The Weapons

What weapons do we use? Foil and Epee have a strong following at Blackheath. Sabre is not so strong nationally  at the moment. However, there is an increasing number of sabreurs at the club just recently so if you like sabre come and wave it around and you will find another sabreur hiding behind his foil or epee! Beginners learn the basics with the foil (top in the picture) which is the traditional training weapon for the duelling epee (in the middle)… whilst the sabre comes from the requirements for a cut and slash weapon while sitting on a horse. The difference between the weapons is the target area and… well come and find out for yourself! Did you know fencing impacts the design of the clothing you are probably wearing now? Check out the difference between the way mens’ shirts and laidies blouses button up. We also use electrical kit for detecting hits so lots of noise and flashy lights.