Club Championship Results

YearFoil (Men’s?)EpeeWomen’s FoilSabreMaster of Arms
Pre 2004Many are on the trophies. Epee trophy missing – No known record of Epee winners
2004M Sutton?J PearceNot Held?M Sutton
2005-2010? – blank on trophyblank on trophy? – blank on trophyblank on trophy
2011Y Pokern
2012Y PokernS OwenNot Held
2013L HornJ CrossGiulia Lanza di ScaleaNot Held
2014K KhanK NisbetC GeneA Nisbet
2015K KhanNot awarded Not HeldB Warner
2016S WoodNot Held
2017K KhanNot Held
2018Not Held
2019K KhanJ WilliamsonNot awarded Not Held
2020Not completed Not completed Not awardedNot HeldNot Held
2021Not heldNot HeldNot Held Not HeldNot Held
2022G JagdevH Fazakerley

Gold – Women’s & overall winner.

Italics in Men’s – Not overall winner