Club Annual Championships and other competitions

The Annual Club Championships for Epee will take place on Tuesday 10th March with Foil on 12th. One round of pools and DE. Also prizes for Intermediates (less than 3 years fencing)

We have our usual invitation to the Malta Open coming up in June, this year with team events to add to the individual foil and epee, which has the bigger entry. It is being held over three days. Originally a friendly match between Maltese and British fencers it is now an international event.

You can find more info and entry form here

Just in case you don’t know, Malta, being between Sicily and the African coast, was a strategic British air base in the Second World war and prevented a lot of military supplies getting to the enemy. It got a real pasting for two years and it’s people almost died from starvation, but never gave in. The island and its people were awarded the George Cross in recognition of their sacrifices.