Adult Members – By Weapon

Total: 45
First NameFamily NameDaysMissedWeaponsWeapon SkillHandCoaching Notes
James Williamson Thu 0 Epee 131 Right
Decordoba Mitchell-Rowe Thu 0 Epee Right
Thomas Jolin Tue, Thu 0 Epee Right
Gurbir Thethy Thu New Epee Right
Iza Sasaran Thu New Epee Right
Valeria Meng Tue New Epee Right
Harry Gulliver Tue, Thu New Epee foil=sabre 3 Right
Laura La Delfa Tue 0 Epee, Foil Left
William Hopkinson Tue New Epee, foil Right
Lucian Stone Tue 1 Epee, foil, sabre Right
Tony Nickson Thu 0 Foil Right Fees from Easter 14. Molly at adult concession £65 (age 18, student), Chad at full U16 rate £90, Tony full £90 less £20 parent discount. = <strong>£225</strong> = 675pa = 56.25/month standing order From Jan 15 Tony 155, Molly 65  less parent discount 20 =200 * 3=600 =50/month Agreed to continue at 56.25 month and adjust in final term.
Helen McKean Tue, Thu 2 Foil 200 Right
Peter Bromley Tue 0 Foil 200 Right
Rob Baxter Thu 0 Foil 300 Right ex committee member at Salle Michael Joseph in Newham now closed.
Kathryn Heaton Tue 2 Foil 300 Right
Khurshid Khan Thu 0 Foil 311 Right
Lorna Grosse Tue 0 foil Right
Juliette LE PORS Tue 2 Foil Right
Dean Keigan Tue 0 Foil Right
Ryan Campbell Thu 1 Foil Right
Phi-Anh Nghiem Tue 1 Foil Right
Richard Shannon Thu New foil Right
Rémi Tuyaerts Tue, Thu 0 Foil Right
Hunter Coblentz Thu New Foil Right
Jack Rowland Tue, Thu New Foil Left
Robert Smith Thu 0 Foil = Epee Right
Frank Baxter Tue, Thu 0 Foil Epee Left Ex Salle Michael Joseph
Gurlal Jagdev Tue, Thu 0 foil, epee 231 Right
Gianluca Gentile Tue 0 Foil, Epee Right
Ian Wootton Tue 0 Foil, Epee Right Didnt like Easter warm up...
Miguel Mendes Tue, Thu 0 Foil, Epee Right
Mael Zoungrana Tue, Thu 0 Foil, Epee, Sabre 310 Right
Henry Fazakerley Tue, Thu 0 Foil, Epee, Sabre Right
Dan Hepner Thu 0 Foil, Epee, Sabre Right ex Salle Michael Joseph
Stephen Wood Thu 0 Foil, Sabre = Epee Right
Andrew Nisbet Tue, Thu 0 Foil=Epee>Sabre 331 Right
Amanda McTavish Thu 0 None Right
Samuel Brazao Tue 0 None Right
Diana Dan Tue New None Right
Coenraad Uys Tue 0 None Right
Gabrielle Macaulay Tue New None Right
Marija Todorovic Tue 0 None Right
Jess Yoon Tue 0 None Right
Stefano Conese Tue New None Right
Olivia Scaramuzza Thu New None Right Was very keen. Purchased some kit