Access during Building Works at the school

From 3rd November extensive building works will be carried out at the school. There will be pedestrian access only at the front of the school (from Vanbrugh Park). There will be NO parking or drop off inside the school gates. Parents Please drop off and pick up at the rear gates in Mycenae Road. This is only accessible from Westcombe Park Road but it is a two way road. You can park in vacant marked spaces. Otherwise PLEASE LEAVE ROOM FOR OTHER CARS TO PASS WHILE YOU WAIT. Drop off and pickup at the Vanbrugh Park entrance is not recommended except, perhaps, if travelling west to east (towards Blackheath Standard) so that the road does not have to be crossed. Adult Members There is limited parking on Mycenae Road but you can use the marked bays. You can park on the single yellow line in Vanbrugh Park after 6.30pm