2016 AGM Reports

2016 AGM – Secretary and Treasurer reports
For those that missed the meeting…

In the absence of the incumbent chairman, Ben Warner, who has now left the club, it fell to the club secretary, James Williamson, to give a report on the overall activities of the club over the past year.

This was a good year for the club, with a new series of in-club competitions, public events were held at Armed Forces Day in Woolwich and at Sevendroog Castle helping to bolster fundraising and publicity, in addition to Musketeer fencers representing the club at regional competitions.

There is also the promising potential partnership with the University of Greenwich, the groundwork for which was laid in the latter half of the past year, and which will hopefully help bolster the adult membership of the club under the new provisions in the constitution. It was noted than Ben Warner, the outgoing Chairman (along with Andew Nisbet, the current Treasurer), had been crucial to the success of the club in recent years, and finally that 2016 is both the club’s 40th anniversary and an Olympic year (the club’s previous most successful year being 2012), and these milestones correspond to an exciting moment of change and development for the club.

Income for the year 2014/15  £21,314 was very similar to 2013/14 (21,579) but with a larger surplus of £1442 (549) due to a reduction in costs, mainly coaching costs £11640 (13373). because of various absences and illnesses and a shorter summer term than in previous years due to changes in school exam arrangements.

Notes on Income
The consistent income hides some trends including reduced adult attendance on Tuesdays while increasing, but not as much, on Thursdays, and a continuing low, although slightly improving attendance on the adult training courses. These reductions were fortunately countered by an overall increase in Musketeer income on Thursdays and the Christmas fund raising activities (raffle, quiz and donations) which contributed £500 to club funds. Fees for the series of adult club competitions contributed £258 (break even in 13/14).

Notes on Expenses
Equipment repairs returned to a more usual level of £679 after last year’s belt tightening (£157) and the purchase of new kit increased slightly £378 (251). Mainly new gloves to replace those scrapped for safety reasons and the new lunging pads. Hall rental was stable £6619 (6673). Other Expenses £556 are showing a rising trend due to the bank charges on Paypal payments £392 (244). We did not enter any team competitions this year, a small saving but we would rather have entered something!

In terms of sources of income, the Musketeers provided a surplus while the adults slipped into an overall loss. This is not completely surprising as the adults take 2/3 of the costs but pay the same fee as the Musketeers but there is an overall reducing trend in senior adult income. Adult training made a smaller loss of £70  (474).

To counter the adult trend we are hoping that the initiative with University of Greenwich will provide an additional source of income in future years whilst Olympic year may well give a boost to training income. Although the adult training is loss making it is contributing members to the club and they make up nearly a third of the current adult membership.