What does it cost?

All fees include use of club equipment and coaching from our first class coaches.

All rates are per term payable at the beginning of the term. Unless specified a term lasts between 12 and 14 weeks

Fees from September 2013

For Adult Beginners training courses see the Training page

Adult fencers

One session per week (Tuesday OR Thursday) £80  (under £7 per week)

Two sessions ie both Tuesday and Thursday £140 (25% discount for the second session) which is around £5 per session

Concessions If you are unwaged ie a student, retired or unemployed the fees are £60  for one session and £100 for two sessions per week

Guest fee £10 per session (£8 by credit card) but capped at the termly rate.

Mutual arrangements: Members of Gravesham Fencing Club may fence for a special guest fee of £5 and members of Streatham Fencing Club for free.

Why not spread the cost over 12 months and pay by ‘Standing Order’ through your bank? Contact the Club Treasurer for details.


If you pay for one session per week they can come to either the Tuesday OR Thursday session. This gives some flexibility to cope with homework demands.

We encourage all young people to engage in regular physical exercise to assist with their mental function and bodily health. It is a good habit for their future well being.

Beginners (first two terms) £80 for one session per week and £140 (25% discount) for two.

Advanced (3rd term onwards) £100 for one session and £175 for two sessions per week.

If your Musketeer has at least three items of equipment as listed on our equipment page marked with an asterisk then there is a discount of £20 for one session or £35 for two sessions

In the second year the discount is available for six items of equipment.

We have had to introduce this as our equipment room (armoury) is bursting at the seams! As the number of competition entrants is growing we cannot always provide enough kit for them all so serious fencers do need to get their own stuff. Great for birthday and Christmas presents! Order through the club for discounts.

A further discount is available if you have two or more children at the club under 15 years old.

You may also spread the cost over 12 months by paying by monthly standing order. Contact the Treasurer for details

British Fencing Achievement Awards

The  fee is £10 for Seniors and Musketeers. See Training page


All session fees are payable at the beginning of each term and can be paid by cheque, internet banking, Paypal,  cash and monthly standing order. These details are in your Membership Confirmation email or on request via the contact page.