Schools Outreach Programme

Armed for Life

Children learn fast. They can learn good things and bad things and sport is definitely a good thing to learn compared to getting involved in gangs, drugs or other undesirable activities.

Top sportsmen and women also tend to start young.

Fencing not only teaches physical skills such as balance, agility, fast reactions and fitness but also life skills: self-confidence, self-discipline, decision making, loyalty, leadership and respect. Fencing Arms them for Life.

Many children stop sports like football and cricket, when they leave school or once they reach their mid 30′s but fencing is one that they¬†can carry through to adulthood and even into old age and there are Fencing clubs around the world that all welcome fencers to drop in at anytime. Fencing truly is a Sport for Life, too!

Blackheath Fencing Club would like to introduce as many children as possible to fencing as it can be the on sport that inspires them especially if they are not keen on teem sports like football, rugby or cricket. We have an exciting 25 minute demonstration and presentation suitable for primary and secondary school assemblies and we can also offer taster sessions that will fit into a 1 hour PE period.

We would also like to establish Outreach Agreements with schools. The agreement would be that one of our CRB cleared coaches and an assistant will provide a free, annual demo/presentation and/or taster to children 9 years and upward if you will give us the time and space and display a poster about fencing. It would make an ideal end of term or end of year activity and may be a life changing experience for some of your pupils. Who knows, perhaps one of them will be an Olympic medalist of the 2024 games?

And, of course, if they join Blackheath they will be in a safe environment and take part in an established training programme as defined by the national SwordMark accreditation standard (we hope to get our accreditation very soon).

If you are interested just drop us a line through the Contact Page and we will get in touch or call Andrew on 07887 821443.