Armed for Life

The Musketeers is our growing club for 10 to 16 year olds.

Respect, self-discipline, self-confidence, leadership and loyalty are just a few of the life skills taught by fencing in addition to agility, fitness and quick thinking!

We believe that the personal development of the child is more important than that of fencing skill so we don’t push them into competing but let them choose when or if, they are ready.

We take new beginners at the start of each term with a free taster session being held on the first week. Please check News on the front page for the date of the next one. Young people can start at age of 9 providing that they become 10 during the academic year. If you would like your child to come to a taster please register them on our online Membership system. If they dont become a member the information will be deleted.

Started in September 2010 the Blackheath Musketeers is now 33 strong and our young fencers are starting to pass Achievement Awards and compete in county and regional competitions. Their most recent results (March 2012) are 6th and 12th out of 25 entries in their age group in a recent London wide competition.

Meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays (see Where and When for times) we have four qualfied and CRB checked coaches. There is a group of starters and a group of more experienced to which the starters can progress within a term or two depending on individual ability. We also get them fencing each other on the electric kit to build experience.

The starter group have intensive group coaching and the more experienced practice with electric weapons every week and have regular 5-10 minute one to one coaching.

Competitions are encouraged but it is left to the Musketeer to decide when they feel ready if at all. However, this is the best way to learn and grow as a fencer. We also hold an annual Club Championships with an array of awards and prizes so that everyone goes away with some recognition of their achievement.

Child Welfare is paramount. Please see the section on SwordMark for more information on this.

There is regular email communication with parents/carers, a parents evening once year and one parent/carer is elected to the Managing Committee to represent the Junior members. ie all those under 18.

For fees see our What Does It Cost page  Register for tasters and membership.

For more information please contact the Youth Development Coordinator (see contact page).