Competition are completely optional. Some people enjoy them and some do not but they are a great way to learn where you need to improve your technique or style! It is also a chance to fence someone different as you do get familiar with the styles of your club colleagues.  And they are good fun!

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Young fencers competing at the inter-borough London Youth Games at Redbridge in 2012

There are several competitions in the London Region, Kent County and South East Region that club members can enter in addition to Open competitions around the country and friendlies with other clubs that we arrange from time to time.

If you get enough points from Open comps then you may qualify for international events as members of the British Team!

All competitions will require you to have membership of British Fencing for insurance reasons. Membership covers you for public liability (injuring others) and personal accident (injury to yourself) up to several million pounds so it is worth getting.

Membership also entitles you to vote at BF AGMs and you receive The Sword magazine 4 times a year

Fees are
£40 per year for over 20
£30 for 14 to 19
£25 for under 14

Social membership gives cover within the club only and one inter-club competition – £10

You can get membership on line in a few hours but best to apply a few days before the event!

How you enter a competition depends on the whether it is an individual event or a team event.

A Team event is entered by the club and the club usually pays the entry fee.

An individual event must be entered by the fencer who must also pay the entry fee. All competitions are advertised with an entry form or are online.

As we are notified of competitions they will be listed on the News section on the Home page or on the calendar but it is a good idea to crawl around some of the sites below to see what is coming up.

Most competitions have a closing date for entries a week or two before the comp but they usually allow late entries for an additional charge or even no charge. Its always worth asking.

Here are a few links to competition organisers and calendars and other information that are worth keeping an eye on.

Kent County Amateur Fencing Union (KCAFU)

Royal Stennick Challenge. A Kent Competition for youngsters held two or three times a year.

Academy Cup series (U14, U12, U10). A series of four individual and team events with cash prizes!

If you are 17 or under and have been fencing at least 6 months and had a go at a County or local competition then you may want to consider taking part in the Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS).These are organised by local clubs, sponsored by Leon Paul with points being accumulated at each competition to build a score and a UK ranking with a prize at the end! But even if you don’t go for points most of UK’s successful fencers have competed in the LPJS.

EF London Region. A selection of Senior, Intermediate and Junior Competitions. Their flagship event is the London Youth Championships, qualifiers for the British Youth Championships. Also see this site for training opportunities

Also keep an eye on the following websites