• The Armoury Appeal passes £650 thanks to very generous donations from some parents.
  • We are fencing through to 12th Feb then a one week half term break
  • Book your Adult Novice or Refresh course now starting 24th/26th Feb
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Fencing - In a few words...

-“The best fun you can have on legs” – “Chess at high speed” -“Superb exercise for mind and body”- “A Sport for All, A sport for Life”

Hello! Welcome to one of the largest clubs in London. With 35+ under 16s and 40+ Adults we are a thriving ‘grass roots’ club.

Our junior “Musketeers” meet between 6.00 and 7.30pm and Adults 7.30 – 9.30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in term time

Fencing - in 3 minutes

British Champion and Olympian Richard Kruse explains the differences between foil, epee and sabre and what fencing is all about.

We couldn’t say it better!

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Free Taster Sessions!

Ideal if you are not sure and want to have a try first.

On the first night at the beginning of each half term for both Adults and Juniors.

All you need for our courses are trainers, T-shirt, loose fitting trousers, trackies or leggings and enthusiasm. Bring a drink!

Check out the Adult and Musketeer Training below or the Club Calendar

Adult Courses for 2015

A series of courses for novices and experienced fencers whether for fun, exercise or deadly serious!

If you are 17 or over these are for you. The next series of courses start in January. If you miss the first week you can still start on the second one

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Junior Training from January 2015

Ideal for those aged rising 10 – 16 years

All our coaches are qualified and DBS(CRB) cleared

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Now give yourself a treat

This 3.8 minute vid is shot in studio and uses normal speed and slow motion to devastating effect to demonstrate blade and footwork especially close quarter techniques.  Makes the blades look like rubber but they’re not! Dont miss it!

Have a look at our YouTube gallery for more about Blackheath Fencers and fencing.

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Updated January 2015